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Study in Czech Republic

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Education in Czech Republic

In the heart of Europe, Czech Republic is a country surrounded by Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland. The county is also known by its short name, Czechia. With 12 UNESCO world heritage sites, the country is one of the most visited countries in Europe. When it comes to higher education, it boasts of a quality education that is accepted all over the world. 

Study in Czech Republic

Study in English in Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic is known for its welcoming culture, and to attract more and more international students, the courses are offered in English Language for a number of higher education courses. More than 100 courses are available in English in 45 Universities. The total number of universities in Czech Republic is near 70, which includes all the higher education institutions in the country. The country itself has a large number of English speakers, making it easier on the international students coming to the country.

Student Life in Czech Republic:

The International student community in Czech Republic is very large, and the diversity speaks for itself. Czechs are very welcoming to people coming to their country. Czech Republic has a historical significance in Europe, and heritage sites of the country are reflection to that. There are four national parks in Czech Republic spread over more than a thousand square kilometers, preserving the natural beauty of the country. Apart from studies and sightseeing Skiing, Water Sports, hiking and climbing are some of the leisure activities students can look forward to.

Bachelor's and Masters in Czech Republic:

The academic structure in Czech Republic is familiar for the international students, as there are Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral Degrees. There are Tertiary Professional courses, too. However most of the international students would go for universities and programs that leads to a degree, i.e. Bachelor’s, Masters and PhD. Here is the academic structure for Czech Republic:


Level of Education

Course Duration



Tertiary professional school

Tertiary Professional Education

3 - 3.5

19 - 21

Higher Education
University / Non-University

Non-Structured Masters

3 - 4
1 - 3
4 - 6

19 - 22
23 - 26
19 - 26

Higher Education

Doctoral Studies

3 - 4



Universities and Colleges in Czech Republic for International Students

As we have mentioned before, there are close to 70 higher education institutions in Czech Republic. 9 of the universities of them are ranked among the top universities in the world by QS World Rankings. The top universities in Czech Republic are Charles University, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, and Czech Technical University in Prague. All of them are in the top 500. Charles University was established back in 1348 AD, which is the oldest university of the country, making the higher education system of Czech Republic more than 650 years old. 

Study in Czech Republic without IELTS:

It is possible to study in Czech Republic without appearing for IELTS tests. The other way is to appear for CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), or take the placement tests for the language provided by Universities. Some Universities also have Intensive English Language programs students can enroll before the beginning of actual program to reach the level of proficiency required for the course

Czech Republic Student Visa

There are short-term visas (up to 90 days) and long-term visa (more than 90 days) for international students. The students are required to apply for the Student Visa at their nearest embassy or consulate. The processing time for Czech student visa is 60 days, so the students are advised to apply for a visa in advance. Students who are planning to stay in Czech Republic for more than a year will also need a residence permit for study purpose.

Study and Work in Czech Republic

Students can work at the part time jobs while they are enrolled in a University for higher education. Students are allowed to work in summer holidays for full-time jobs, too. The time limit for the part time jobs is 20 hours a week. The part-time work should not affect the studies in any way. These jobs are helpful to students with their day to day living expenses and tuition fees at the universities.

Stay Back Option in Czech Republic

The students are eligible for a work permit in Czech Republic once they graduated from a University. However, non-EU students are advised to look for a permanent job in Czech Republic before their program ends with the university. The student can apply for a higher level of study, such as opting for a Masters Program after the Bachelor Degree. The Students need to prove that they have secure a permanent employment, which is best suited according to the qualification, and the location of the job. 

Scholarships to Study in Czech Republic

The Government of Czech Republic offers a number of scholarships under international assistance programs for Public Universities in Czech Republic. The scholarships offered by the Governments are both for Czech Language and English Language programs. Apart from that, there are scholarships offered by universities, too. Students can either have merit based scholarships or need based scholarships to study in Czech Republic. 

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