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Studying in Germany guarantees you high quality education. Students from all over the world throng to Germany for education in Engineering and Management fields. Therefore, for universities so good, one needs to know the application procedures to apply for UG and PG courses. Needless to say, one of the first requirement for studying in Germany is to be certified in German Language Proficiency to get admission in their public universities.


Application for UG Courses:

In case you don’t qualify for university’s requirements, studienkolleg has preparatory courses that conduct eligibility exams so that you qualify for the university. These courses are typically divided into five types

  • G course: for Humanities
  • S course: for language subjects..
  • W course: for Social Sciences and Economics
  • T course: for technical and mathematical subjects
  • M course: for Medical related subjects

It is worth noting that some universities offer both G and S course together. Apart from this the other requirements for application procedures are, there are the language requirements. IELTS or TOEFL are accepted for German courses. Apart from this, like already mentioned, a basic proficiency in German is also required (B1 level amounting to about 600 hours of study). For this, TestDAF or DSH are accepted. Both of these accepted for assessing a student’s ability in German Proficiency while study abroad in Germany. If you manage to secure the required level, you are eligible. Once that is done the next step in application procedures is, next comes the aptitude test

A student has to be on par with “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung” or HZB. There are several exams that would qualify for Germany’s required level. However, unlike France, there is no centralised network or website, or test organising body that would conduct it. The eligibility criteria are generally different for different universities. Therefore, you are advised to check their website before applying to understand their requirements for eligibility for application procedure. For students from science background, JEE advanced would qualify too. In other cases, there is another testing body called FSP which qualifies too. However, it must remembered that Germany requires 13 years of formal education. Students have completed 1-2 years of undergraduate study in their home country are eligible too. Apart from this, the one common thing that students need is that they should proof of sources of funds amounting to 7000-10000 Euros per year. This will be particularly required for visa procedures.

Application for PG courses:

Students must have completed at least 15 years of formal education. However, some universities require you to have 16 years of formal education. Therefore, ensure that you check that before applying. If it is management courses the application procedure requires that you need about 2-3 years of work experience in the relevant field as well. GMAT and GRE scores are some of the most important scores. You need a GMAT score of at least 570 to qualify. Therefore, you need to work hard towards that. Once again, you would need TOEFL or IELTS eligibility along with German proficiency and proof of funds. There aren’t many application requirements for PG courses like there are for UG courses. For application procedure, however, ensure that you have looked at the requirements for the individual university because some other requirements might be essays, LOR, SOPs etc.

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