Cost of studying in Ireland for International Students


Cost of studying in Ireland

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Ireland is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations. There is no surprise that Ireland has many globally reputed universities which lures international students to pursue Graduate, Masters and Post Graduate degree programs. Let’s take a look at the affordability, cost of living and Universities tuition fees in Ireland. 

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Tuition Fees in Ireland

In spite of being a small island, Government of Ireland offer 870 million EUR every year for research in higher education. To encourage international students Irish government also offer scholarships. The country has 9 prestigious universities and about 15 technology institutes, which provides an opportunity to study in Ireland for more than 35000 students every year.

Ireland Universities Fees for International Students

Government of Ireland encourages students charge no fees to the nationals of EU. Literally, there are no fees for public universities to the local students and residents of EU for under graduation programs. This is listed under “Free Fees Initiative” where the students enrolled are required only to fee registration fees during entry to the respective degree programs.

For non EU students, on an average basis, tuition fees at public universities range from 6,000 – 12,000 ; EUR/year for the undergraduate degree programs; and for the Postgraduate / Master programs and for research courses the university tuition fees in Ireland by Public universities range from 6,150 – 15,000 EUR/year.

For Private Universities in Ireland:

Private colleges in Ireland charges more tuition fees when compared with public colleges / universities. Tuition fees charged at private universities, institutes and colleges range from 9000 – 35000 EUR per year.

Cheapest University in Ireland for International Students

Cost of higher education in Ireland is slightly on the upper hand. So, every student who wishes to pursue Masters or Post Graduation seeks admission in affordable universities. It easily applies for Indian students too.  Here is the list of affordable universities in Ireland, which also has great reputation in Ireland. 

Affordable University Average Tuition Fees
University College Cork 6500 EUR/year
St. Patrick’s College 4500 EUR/year
University of Limerick 7000 EUR/year
Cork Institute of Technology 3500 EUR/year

Tuition Fees in Top-ranked Universities in Ireland

In case if the students want to study in Ireland at top rated universities, without pondering much on the Universities tuition fees in Ireland,  here is the list of the top universities you should know.

Here is the list of high rated and top ranked universities in Ireland and the tuition fees.

Top-Ranked University Average Tuition Fees
Trinity College Dublin 7500 EUR/year
University College Dublin 6700 EUR/year
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 6,000-8,000 EUR/year
National University of Ireland, Galway 6000 EUR/year

Scholarships in Ireland

Study abroad Ireland, has become one of the most sought after destination for international students who seek to study in institutes with worldwide reputation. However, not all students who get an admission in any of the colleges afford the tuition fees, as well as cost of living. While some of the private institutes and colleges charge very high, it is difficult for the continue education in expensive nation. Apparently, scholarships for students appear as boon to pursue the dream. Irish government offers numerous scholarships for Indian students and students from other nationals, apart from local students, to promote higher education. The scholarship is offered for graduation, post graduation, masters and research programs to all students, from 161 countries.

Irish Government offers the following scholarships to the international students:

  • 15 undergraduate scholarships are awarded at 6,000 EUR each student
  • 11 postgraduate scholarships are awarded at 10,000 EUR each student
  • Irish Aid funded Fellowship Training Programme
  • DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme 
  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology scholarships
  • Generation Study Abroad Scholarships - Irish Universities  (U.S. students)
  • Government of Ireland Scholarship 2018-19 (Vietnamese students)
  • Claddagh Scholarship Programme (Chinese students)
  • Opportunities in Ireland for Ontario College Graduates
  • Fulbright Scholarships
  • Postgraduate Fellowships: The Walsh Fellowships
  • Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
  • Law PhD Scholarship Opportunity at DCU National College of Ireland Scholarships
  • NUI Galway International Student Scholarships
  • DCU International Student Scholarships
  • Maynooth University Scholarships
  • UCC Excellence Scholarships
  • UCD Scholarships
  • Smurfit Business School scholarships
  • UCD USA scholarships
  • UCD Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship- USA
  • The Maria Helena Kopschitz Scholarship (MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, University College Dublin )

Living Costs in Ireland

Cost of living in Ireland comprises of food expenses, home / accommodation cost, clothing, utility and transport as basics. Cinema tickets cost between €7 to €12. You can get the cheapest and affordable rates of food from super market. Besides, students can join part time jobs in Ireland to earn extra income and get financial support

Average Cost of living in Ireland

On an average basis, students spend around 7,000 to 12,000 EUR per year. The type of accommodation counts a lot on living cost in Ireland. When the students plan well for the finances, they can enjoy study and social life without any hassles.

Living cost in Dublin range from 10,000 to 15,000 EUR per year. It costs 20% lesser than Dublin in other cities in Ireland.

Accommodation in Ireland

You can rent accommodation with fellow students or get accommodation in the college you study. Cost of accommodation starts from 400 Euros to go until 1000 Euros.

Cost of Food in Ireland

Food costs around, inclusive of the meals bought in the campus and in some affordable cheaper restaurants, comes around €70 - €100 a week.

Transportation in Ireland

Transport cost is very low and it costs around €2 to €5. Students have access to different cities through public transportation. ourneys with longer duration cost no more than 20 Euros. Similarly, train is equivalently comfortable mode of travel. It costs about 35 Euros for 3 hours train journey, from Dublin to Cork or Galway. However, buses also consume equal amount of time, even at a lower cost.

Saving in Ireland

Additional expenses can include health insurance. It is mandatory for all international students in Ireland. You may not know when you need medical help. Irish Government offers different types of health / medical insurance plans and students can easily buy a health insurance policy.

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