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Student visa For Ireland

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Ireland is the most favorite study abroad destination for most of the students. If you wish you study in Ireland, you should get study visa or student visa. Different types of visas are provided to visitors for different types of visit. You can apply visa for education or for work or for touring Ireland. Education visa is a type of visa that provides for Indian students and international students entry to the country. 

Student Visa for Ireland

Visa Application for Ireland

Just like any other country, Ireland calls for all candidates, from Non-EU countries to get proper education visa or student visa to study in Ireland. Visa is mandatory to get an entry to this beautiful country.

The immigration process for international students is classified into two parts.

  1. Based on type of degree or programmes offered by the universities/education institutes in Ireland
  2. Based on your choice to pursue a non-degree course in Ireland and English course

Ireland Visa Type

In addition, there is subcategory that decides on type of visa you need for immigration.

C type Study Visa – issued to the international students who pursue any course where the duration is no longer than three months

D type Study Visa – issued to the international students who pursue any course that is longer than three months.

Rules and Regulations to meet to get immigration and study Visa

For non-EU student, Irish Government has levied certain rules and regulations for immigration with study visa. 

  • Should provide proof of academic progression and exam clearance
  • Should provide proof of payment of course fee to the respective higher education
  • State Benefits are not entitled  for this type of study visa
  • Maximum stay allowed in Ireland is 7 years
  • Students are not allowed to switch from one degree to another degree or one language to another language or to a non-degree programme
  • Medical insurance, renewal letter etc is mandatory

Ireland Student Visa Requirement

Every country has certain visa requirements for different types of visa. It is easy process to get the study visa processed with no hassles.

  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Full copy of passport along with previous passports if any
  • Letter of visa application duly filled and signed along with clear contact details
  • Acceptance letter from the respective college/University in Ireland that provided you admission to study in Ireland
  • Payment proof of tuition fees to the respective college/institute
  • Copies of all academic certifications
  • Certificate of English Language Proficiency
  • Proof to support that you have sufficient financial support in Ireland
  • Medical Insurance
  • Declaration to leave Ireland immediately after expiry of Study Visa

Language requirement is one of the important criterions for Ireland Study Visa from India Process. All international students, other than EU residents should meet the minimum qualification requirement to get study visa processed and immigration permission in Ireland.

The commonly accepted English proficiency tests include,

  • PTE (Pearson test)

Getting qualified in any of this English proficiency test is mandatory requirement. Visa without IELTS is possible if you posses the certification in PTE or TOEFL.

Ireland Student Visa Application

  • Visa application can be submitted to the respective authority up to three months before arrival date to Ireland
  • Visa form for Indian students are made available online, at website of the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service.
  • After filing the visa form, submit the supporting documents for further process and verification.
  • Biometric information should be provided as part of visa application process.
  • Duration to process your visa form generally varies based on the country from where you submit application. For Indian students, it nearly takes a minimum of 4 fours and for internationals students the duration range from 3 to 8 weeks from date of application.
  • Do not buy travel tickets until the visa is processed and you are granted with education visa to study in Ireland.

Visa fees for study visa generally vary with the country of origin. However, standard visa application fee is charged at €60 for single entry visa to Ireland and €60 for multiple entries.

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