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International students who are actually determined to pursue higher education from Germany, dream to stay there on a permanent basis. Some start searching for work opportunities on the completion of their course. Germany stands in one of the top hierarchy in providing international students with the most flexible and comfortable post-study work opportunities. So if you are thinking in the same line, this particular article is going to help you find ways to reach your desired destination.

Stay back and Work permit in Germany

First and foremost, as an aspiring student, you must go through the rules and regulations for Germany student visa and immigration. The basic rule in Germany is that on the completion of the degree course, the residence permit automatically gets expired.  So the wisest decision for you would be to apply for the extension of the valid residence permit through the visa office or other valid means before its expiry. With this extended permit, you are now entitled to explore the plethora of opportunities this country offer to you.

Germany Work Visa:

As soon as you are done with acquiring a degree, chances are greater that you won’t be able to find a job immediately afterwards. Germany provides you with permission to stay up to a period of 18 months. During this period your sole aim should be to find a job. Now students who are already employed during their study course must not follow this particular step since they are not falling under this domain. During the search process, it is advisable that you take the necessary help from your institute. Here most of the universities in germany are having dedicated career counselling service that might guide you in the rightest way. Besides, keeping in touch with your professors, approaching different employment organizations against a nominal charge can fasten this search.

If you have gone back to your home country after the course completion and want to return to Germany for further possibilities, you would be eligible for a short time visa up to six months. During this tenure, you can look after the different possibilities correlating your educational qualifications. However, this short visa is not your permanent residence or work permit. This only helps you find a job here. After you are employed on permanent basis, you need to apply for a separate work and residence permit altogether.

Residence permit for permanent employees

In simple terms, you need to initiate the process to apply for a separate Germany residence permit. There is another provision available in this country and it is called the EU Blue Card. This card is applicable to those individuals who actually want to move into any European country apart from Germany. But if you are determined to make the best of your rest of life in Germany, the German permit is more than sufficient. But this EU Blue Card facility is only applicable to the non-EU students.

Job opportunities in Germany after Masters:

As we have mentioned before, students in Germany can extend their stay back up to 18 months for employment seeking. Employers in Germany look forward to highly skilled candidates who excel in their respective fields of study. Knowing the German language also boosts one’s chances of finding jobs in Germany by manifolds.

Similar to other countries, few professions are in great demand than others in Germany. The most demanding professions in Germany include the field of Engineering, medicine, Technology, specifically IT and science experts. Germany places a lot of value on the people having vocational qualifications too.

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