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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

No, France does not offer free education. There is always an amount you must pay to study in France. If you are not from any of the EEA countries or Switzerland, or already a permanent resident, you will have to pay even higher tuition fees in France for the public as well as private universities.

For a student wishing to opt for an undergraduate study program in France, the tuition fees may be somewhere around 1000 - 7000 EURO. For a student wishing to study a postgraduate program in France, the tuition fees will cost around 7000 - 300,000 EURO. The living expenses would be between 10000 -20000 EURO Per Year.

The minimum hourly wage rate in France is set at €9.76 per hour before taxes. After reducing the same, the student can earn around €7.61 per hour. Collectively, an international student can earn somewhere around €7900 per year or if we calculate in rupees it would be around INR 6 lakhs per year.

The master's degree consists of two different years. The first year in masters which is called as M1 in France is filled with full of lectures and normally students do not get time to focus on research work. The second-year (M2) is focused on  doing research and the writing of the thesis.

Non-EU / EEA students who are looking forward to study in France, for more than 90 days, will need a long-stay visa to Study in France.

Students are allowed to work on a part-time basis, and permitted working hours are 20 per week. In the academic breaks, students can work full time without any restrictions.

There are more than 150 public and private universities in France for both domestic as well as international students.

As we have mentioned, the public universities in France are not free for the international students.

Compared to neighboring European countries along other English speaking countries, France is one of the most affordable countries around especially when you consider the quality of education it provides.

One can apply to most of the universities in France online. There are some eligibility criteria and admission requirements for each course and university. Here is the step by step guide to apply to a university in France: How to Apply to a University in France?

Unfortunately, No. France does not have a free university. The tuition fees, however, are extremely affordable, for the EU/EEA students. For international students, the fees are 2770 euros for undergraduate programs, and 3770 for postgraduate studies at the public universities from the year 2019. The government has also increased the amount of scholarships for international students to counter that.

The cost of living in Paris can go from 1000€ to 1300€ a month, depending on the accommodation and the lifestyle of the student. The costs of living in France get more affordable as one moves away from Paris and other major cities to the suburbs and smaller towns.


  1. Search for Courses and Universities you are interested into.
  2. Research the courses and Universities’ websites
  3. Take Entrance Exams and Language Tests  (if required for the Course)
  4. Decide the list of universities you prefer.
  5. Prepare SOP (statement of Purpose) and LOR (Letters of Recommendation), and other required documents
  6. Apply online before the deadline
  7. Appear for the Video Interview

Once Accepted:

  • Student will get offer letter from the University
  • Pay the fees mentioned on the offer letter to secure the seat
  • After that, the university will provide the final letter, and the receipt of the fees paid

After the Application:

  • Campus France Online Application to be filled
  • Send mail to Campus France to Set up a Face-to face interview
  • Campus France will provide an NOC once student submits the documents
  • Student will apply for the VFS appointment online. A gap of 2 to 3 days is mandatory between Campus France and VFS interview
  • Student will receive the Visa in 15 working days

Education in France is not completely free. Compared to other European and English Speaking countries, tuition fees in France are very affordable. The tuition fees are very low at the public universities in France, and even for the private universities, it is affordable with a moderate budget.

The visa process of France do not require IELTS/TOEFL scores. The universities in France can have their own IELTS and TOEFL requirements. There are other ways to prove English language proficiency like video interviews and medium of instruction letters, etc. In short, the IELTS is not mandatory to Study in France.

If you compare France with other top study abroad destinations, France is the cheapest among them. Many universities of France offer very affordable tuition fees which are an added advantage to prospective students as a study in France requirements is also an easy part. You can even apply for scholarships in France.

No France is not expensive. As compared to other top study abroad countries, such as the UK, and the USA, living expenses in France are lower. However, France is expensive when we compare it to a few other countries of  Europe in terms of overall living expenses.  

Master's (M1, M2) is a graduate degree awarded in France after a study of a particular subject lasting 2 years or more years. Masters degree can be pursued only after you have completed your Bachelors degree. 

France university list for masters is long and has a different tuition fee. In the  Grande Ecoles, the cost can be around 500 to 600 Euros a Year, and can go up to 10000 Euros depending on the Institute. In the Private Universities, it will be around 1500 to 20000 Euros a Year and in the Business Schools, the master’s degree can cost around 5000 to 7000 Euros a Year

Students will have to go through the “Campus France” application for a student visa in France. After the face to face interview at the local campus France, the process moves to VFS Visa Center, where one has to submit the documents and go through the final stages of application. There are a number of documents required along with the application such as acceptance letter from the Universities in France, proof of monetary funds, valid health insurance, accommodation letter, and language proficiency.

Process for Campus France takes an average of three weeks, and the visa processing time for a student visa in France is 15 working days. The students should start the process at least 90 days before the date of departure, or as soon as they receive an acceptance letter.

For the students who are from France, there are very minimal fees at the public universities in France. International students who are not from EU/EEA have to pay the fees to study in France even if they choose to study in a public university.

Yes, France is one of the European countries offering a large number of English taught courses. You can read more about courses and application details, click here: Study in France in English

For public universities, the tuition fees for a year are 2770 euros a year and Masters is around 3770 euros a year. Private universities can cost anywhere between 2500 euros a year to 20000 euros a year. The fees for courses like MBA and medical are the highest. Here is all you need to know: Cost of Studying in France

Top five universities in France are: Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris, École Polytechnique, Sorbonne University, CentraleSupelec and École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Apart from these five, here are the top universities in France: Top Ranking Universities in France

The application fees might vary with the countries, and the mode of application the student wants to apply for the visa. The cost of application for the France student visa 99 euros for the long-stay visa for international students. Depending on your country, there might be some Campus France related costs, too.

Just like the costs of studying in France, accommodation costs are also variable. The Cost of living in France for an international student, will be around 1100€ to 1300€ a month. These expenses do not include tuition fees and other related academic costs. Yearly estimation of the living expenses can go up to 16,560€.


There are some general requirements to study in France as an international students. Apart from the application from the University, the supporting documents required for France are previous mark sheets, degrees and certificates. The other major requirements include IELTS or other test scores, Campus France Authorization from the home country, and the proofs of monetary funds enough to show that the student can sustain himself / herself for a year in France.

For Public Universities in France, the cost of education are as follows:

  • For Bachelor’s Programs: 2770 Euros a Year
  • For Masters Programs: 3770 Euros a Year
  • For PhD Programs: 380 Euros

For Private Universities, the fees are variable with courses and the institutions. The cost of Studying in France, for a private university will range anywhere from 3000 euro to 20000 euros for international students.

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