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SAT Preparation

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You have registered for the SAT exam and now If you are confused about where to begin or how SAT preparation must be done. Then you have arrived at the right page. This article will help you throughout for SAT preparation. You can also check the following link for the SAT syllabus, SAT exam pattern, SAT score.

SAT Preparation


SAT Syllabus SAT exam pattern
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SAT Preparation

For SAT, you will have to choose between an intense study schedule that requires 10 hours per week for two months or a gradual study schedule where you study for a couple of hours a week for at least six months. Both methods are equally good and will make a huge difference in scores. So choosing any of the plans depends on your study style and time available.

Options for SAT Preparation

Firstly you have to choose the way in which you will study. You have four options for sat preparation. according to your convenience and seriousness, you can choose any of the following methods:

  1. Self SAT preparation

  2. Online Program for SAT preparations

  3. Coaching centres for SAT preparations

  4. Private Tutor for SAT preparations

We recommend you take coaching classes as you might miss out on some details the experts know of the new structure

Books for SAT Preparation

There are a number of options available for the people willing to self-prepare for the SAT exam. Here are some of the top SAT preparation materials you can find online and offline for the test:

  1. Barron's SAT

  2. Kallis' SAT Pattern

  3. SAT Prep Black Book

  4. Princeton Review SAT Book

  5. College Board’s SAT Materials

Apart from the SAT preparation Books mentioned above, there are a number of online/offline materials available for the candidates. They can be in the forms of videos, pdf, and books.

How to do the SAT Preparation?

Not only GPA and Letter of Recommendations and Application Essay, but also SAT scores show your preparation to study in a university. It is important for students to go with comprehensive preparation for the SAT exams

1. Register for the SAT-

After knowing the requirements of sat of the particular institution you must get registered for the SAT exam before it gets too late. You can start preparation before registering but after registration, you will get more serious about your studies. For registration details, you can click on the link given: SAT Registration

2. Get Oriented to the Overall Structure and Format of the SAT

After registration, get all the details about the SAT Exam Pattern .you must know the structure and format in which the exam is conducted so that your SAT preparation becomes more useful. Try to know each unit of it and then start focusing on it.

3. Become Familiar With the Content and Feel of the SAT

Now it's time to know the syllabus of the SAT exam. One can only prepare for any exam when he knows the syllabus of the exam. you can get the SAT syllabus here. SAT Syllabus. once you know the syllabus only then you can proceed further.

4. Pinpoint Your Weaknesses

Try to find out your weaknesses related to the sat exam so that you can concentrate more on the weak topic and try to score at least an average score in that section. Always find ways to be motivated because the time period until your exam is very important for you as it is the first step towards your career.

5. Set a Score Goal

According to the sat score requirement of the universities fix a sat score goal. So that you will come to know where to aim and put all the efforts into achieving it. you can check out about sat score goal here: SAT Score

6. Make a Study Schedule

Now when you know your syllabus and score goal what are you waiting for making a good achievable schedule and start your SAT preparation. Make your schedule accordingly which is convenient for you and at the same time fulfils your SAT preparation demand.

7. Review Important Content

Important topics must be reviewed again and again so that you can gain a good score in the SAT exam. You can even check previous year papers for the SAT exam. Research online about the content and work accordingly.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice

Keep practising every day until your exam gets over. A well said line “practice makes a man perfect” must be kept in mind and keep practising. Attempt practice tests regularly so that you will come to know where you are getting stuck and then you can concentrate more on that topic.

10. Be Ready for Test Day

After heavy hard work, the test day is here. Keep yourself calm and don’t panic. Confidently appear for the test.