Everything you need to know about Intakes in Europe


Intakes in Europe

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When a continent is geographically made of 50 countries and 4 Time zones, the Intakes for the Universities in different countries will be obviously different. Intakes in Europe change with the countries. Here is all you need to know about Intakes in Europe, and application timelines to follow for successful applications:

Intakes in Europe

Intakes in European Countries:

Country Intakes in Europe
UK January / February September / October
France January September
Germany April September / October
Netherlands February September
Spain October October
Ireland February September
Finland January September
Hungary February September
Poland February September or October
Sweden January September
Switzerland February September

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Intakes for Different Countries, Deadlines and Timelines to Follow:

Intakes in France:

The World Capital of Food, Fashion and History is a place of Quality Education and Research, too. January and September are two intakes in France. September Intake can be considered main Intake and the students who miss the September intakes can apply in January. However, January also has a large number of courses available and experiences as much applications every year from the International Students. Read More about Intakes in France here: Everything You Need to Know About Intakes in France

Intakes in Germany:

Free Public Universities and Quality of the Education are the main attractions of Germany as far as international students are concerned. Two Intakes in Germany are September/October and April Intake. Again, the September Intake is the Primary Intake for English Speaking Courses. The April intake has a number of universities offering the English Speaking Courses, too. Here is All you need to know about Intakes in Germany: Intakes in Germany: Winter & Summer Intakes, Application Timelines and Deadlines

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Intakes in Netherlands:

Netherlands was one of the first countries to introduce English Taught courses for International students in Europe. Netherlands have two Intakes: September and February. Like many countries, the September Intake is the primary intakes and secondary Intake would be Winter Intake in February. Students who miss out on September Intake normally applies for Universities offering the February Intake. For More Information on Intakes in Netherlands, click: Everything You Need to Know About Intakes in Netherlands.

Intakes in United Kingdom:

UK still holds the place of one of the most preferred destinations for International students. The main intakes in UK are January-February and September-October. The September one is the primary intake in UK, and January is the secondary one, for which the deadlines fall in the September-October. To know more about Timelines to follow for a successful application for both the Intakes, read: Everything you Need to know About Intakes in UK

Intakes in Ireland:

Another favourite for International Students, Ireland is one of the many preferred destinations in Europe. The Intakes in Ireland include Spring (February) and Fall (September) Intakes. The spring intakes will have a lesser number of courses in Ireland than the Fall Intake. For more information on Intakes, deadlines and timelines to follow for Universities in Ireland, click: Everything you Need to Know About Intakes in Ireland 

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Intakes in Spain:

With a large variety of courses on offer, at some of the most celebrated universities in Europe, Spain is often an overlooked study abroad destination among its European counterparts. The first and primary intake of Spain starts in the month of October, and the secondary intake starts in February, of which the deadline falls in the early December. To know more about the Intakes in Spain, read: Everything you need to know about Intakes in Spain

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