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International students studying abroad always have a hurdle of financial arrangements. Especially when it comes to Study in Europe, one have to be extra careful while managing the monetary funds to show for, the tuition fees for the European Universities and living expenses for the place you are staying at. Here we are talking about best places to study in Europe where you can study with fully funded scholarships in Europe. But first, Germany deserves a special mention:

Study in Europe for FREE

List of Countries to Study in Europe for FREE

1. Study Abroad in Germany for Free

Though study in Germany would not be completely cost free like below-listed country, but it is important to know that Public Universities in Germany provide completely free teaching. You can study in these universities without any fees. However, the private universities in Germany have their set tuition fees. 

2. Study in UK for Free

There are five fully-funded study abroad scholarships to study in UK. United Kingdom, as we know is home to some of the best Universities not only in the Europe, but also in the world. The scholarships are available for students all over the world, and they include tuition fees, living expenses, and in some cases, the flight fares, too.

Scholarship to Study in UK

Universities in UK

Level of Study

Scholarship includes

Deadlines (Annually)

British Chevening Scholarships

All Universities in UK

Master’s Degree

Tuition Fees/Living Expenses/Flights

06 November

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

University of Cambridge



Tuition Fees/Living expenses/Travel

10 October

05 December

Clarendon Scholarships

University of Oxford

Any PG Degree

£14,777 (for 2018-2019)

25 January

Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships

University of Warwick


Tuition Fees/Maintenance/Stipend

18 January

Westminster Full International Scholarships

University of Westminster

Any UG Program

Tuition Fees/Living expenses/Flights

31 May


3. Study in Switzerland for Free

Switzerland is not only about snowy mountains and green landscapes. It has the highest ranked University in Europe after UK. Study in Switzerland has its own credibility, and that is one of the many reasons why international students prefer to Study in Switzerland. Below is the list of Study abroad scholarships:

Scholarship to Study in Switzerland

Universities in Switzerland

Level of Study

Scholarship includes

Deadlines (Annually)

ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship

ETH Zurich

Master’s Degree

Tuition Fees/Stipend of 6000 CHF/semester

15 December

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

Public Universities

Doctoral (PhD)



Tuition fees/Health insurance/Air fare/Housing allowance



4. Study in Netherlands for Free

Dutch Universities are known for their excellent English taught programs and research outputs. The students favourite Amsterdam to Delft, Study in Netherlands offer best of the places where international student can study abroad.

Scholarship to Study in Netherlands

Universities in Netherlands

Level of Study

Scholarship includes

Deadlines (Annually)

University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarship

Maastricht University

Master’s Degree

Tuition Fees/Living Expenses/Flights

01 February

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

TU Delft

2-year MSc Programs

Tuition Fees/Living expenses/Travel

01 December

Erik Bleumink Scholarships

University of Groningen

Master’s Degree

Tuition Fees/Books/Health Insurance/Travel

01 December

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships

University of Amsterdam

Selected Master’s Programs

€25,000 for one year, possibility of extension

15 January

01 February


5. Study in Sweden for Free

Although it is not an obvious choice for international students who want to study abroad, Sweden is an underrated study abroad destination in Europe. It has eight of its Universities in Top 350 Universities in world. Another benefit to Study in Sweden is SISS, the Swedish Scholarships for International Student. It is applicable for the future students of any University in Sweden, for any Master’s Program. The Scholarships include tuition fees, living expenses and flight fares. The deadline for the scholarship is 15 Jan-19 Feb.

6. Study in Norway for Free

Another Study Abroad destination in Europe, with high-quality lifestyle and Academics, is Norway. Norway is one of the happiest places to live in the World, and therefore makes a great destination for international students to Study in Europe. The Public Funded Universities in Norway are completely tuition-free, and just like Germany, you will have to pay a nominal semester fee. The bachelor's programs are mostly taught in Norwegian, but the good news is that the Master's programs are mostly in English and Free. 

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